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    Making Christ Known by helping our people:

    • Adore the Saviour

    • Build bridges to each other

    • Connect with the community

    • Develop as a disciple

    • Engage in service

    What we value

    • Embracing the Old and the Young

    • Emphasising Congregational worship

    • Engaging the present

    • Educated by the past

    • Exalting God’s word alone

    • Empowering for Ministry

    • Equipping for Service

    Discovery Church Swindon is a Multi-Cultural, Pentecostal church based in Swindon that meets in three different locations! Since 2004 the church has grown steadily from about 40 to more than 190 people meeting each Sunday… if you want to join a church that is going places why not join us this Sunday!

    Thank you for visiting our website. Discovery Church Swindon is an independent church that is Pentecostal in our beliefs and practices.

    This church began about 30 years ago as a result of a church planting initiative by the Old Town Assemblies of God. Today more than 190 people meet in our locations every Sunday in Wroughton, the Parks, town centre and our network partner Penhill Community Church.

    Our church is filled with children, young people, families, and the elderly. We value each as a significant part of our family. That means we place an emphasis upon vibrant children’s work, our exciting and relevant youth work, and our engaging Sunday services.

    We’re engaged in providing care to our community through a number of different initiatives, two examples would be that we operate a Christians Against Poverty Centre which provides free debt counselling to all and a particularly excellent carer and toddlers group that meets in the Ellendune Community Centre in Wroughton on most Wednesdays during term time.

    We are a Word and Spirit church. 

    We stand firmly in the tradition of the Protestant Reformers of the 16th Century, believing that God saves us “by faith alone”, “by grace alone” and “in Christ alone”. 

    We also stand firmly in the Pentecostal tradition of the 20th Century, believing that every Christian should desire a direct personal experience of God and that the Charismatic Gifts are still at work in the church today. 

    We affirm the historic creeds of the church such as the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed and hold to central Evangelical Beliefs as evidenced in this slightly modified form of a statement issued by the Kinetic Network (http://www.kineticnetwork.org/) that we relate to: 


    is the only true God who lives eternally in three distinct but equal persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In his love and power he created all things for his glory and continues to sustain and rule over them.


    hears and answers the prayers of those who call upon him, saving and bringing into relationship those who come to him in the name of his son, Jesus. He is faithful to every promise he has made.


    is God the Son incarnate, fully God and fully man, conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, sinless in birth and life, dying on the cross as a sacrifice in our place, bearing God’s punishment for our sin, defeating evil, and reconciling us to God. He rose bodily from the dead and ascended into heaven where he reigns as Saviour and Lord.


    is fully God, equal with the Father and Son. He glorifies Jesus, convicts sinners, gives spiritual life through new birth, gives understanding of the Bible, indwells all believers, gives assurance, produces likeness to Christ, brings God’s tangible presence, continues to give signs and wonders, distributes all the biblical gifts of the Holy Spirit, empowers individuals and churches for mission.


    is the revelation of God, every word inspired without error in the original writings which are Old (39 books) and New (27 books) Testaments, alone having final authority for Christian faith and life.


    is by God’s unconditional election, accomplished by Christ’s death and resurrection, offered to all in the gospel, applied to the elect by the Holy Spirit so that we are justified by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, giving forgiveness of sins, granting eternal life, uniting us with Jesus, adopting us into God’s family, ensuring the preservation of all true believers.


    is created in God’s image, both men and women equal yet distinct, so that each individual has inherent and equal dignity and value, whose highest purpose is to obey, worship, love and enjoy God forever. However, every aspect of the human nature has been corrupted by sin so that all are without spiritual life, guilty sinners and enemies of God until redemption is applied through the merits of Christ’s death. 


    is the body of which Jesus is the head, his bride, a universal church to which all who are saved belong, expressed as local churches committed to worship, Bible-teaching, fellowship, prayer, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, pastoral care, godly leaders, discipline, mission.


    which is the Good News concerning Jesus Christ is to be shared with all the world so that God’s kingdom may come as a result of the transformation of individuals, churches, society, and nations.


    is called to submit to the Word of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They confess their sins, pray, fast and bear good fruit as evidence of their faith and transformed life. They are called to constantly seek a greater filling with the Holy Spirit and to earnestly desire and operate within the Spiritual Gifts. 


    is the leader of the demons who oppose God’s kingdom in various ways. They are a defeated force who can be overcome in the name of Jesus with prayer. His final doom is guaranteed.


    is glorious and guaranteed for all believers since the Lord Christ Jesus Christ will return to raise the dead, judge the world in righteousness, send the lost into an eternal punishment of being separated from God forever, consummate the salvation of his people, give them eternal joy in a new heaven and a new earth.