Discovery Church Swindon has been partnering with the Assemblies of God in Albania for 10 years in financially supporting and assisting with the release of full time pastoral workers in the Durres area of Albania. Tom and Genti have travelled to the country teaching leadership skills and bringing the word of God as an encouragement to the church. Albania is exciting because Christianity is re-emerging in the county following years of communism. In 1990 when communism as a system came to an end there was an immense spiritual hunger. It was a time when many Albanians turned to Christ.

Now over 25 years later the church is developing its own strong and biblically faithful ministers who are regularly seeing new converts, especially people with a background in nominal Islam. Our role is to help the church to know that it is not alone in its work and we often see different groups from Discovery travel to the country to participate in various practical projects as well as sharing in Mission conferences. Most recently the church was able to send £27,000 to secure the purchase of land in the Flakk area so that a Christian church can be build and other support services offered to the local people.


Nagaland Bible College (NBC) and Nagaland Christian Residential School (NCRS) are parts of a faith ministry founded by the late Rev Dr Chuba Ao and his wife Tia. The ministry is now run by their daughter Senti, son Mayang as well as Senti’s husband Moa.

NBC train young men and women for ministry in several countries but primarily in India and Myanmar. From the several courses that NBC run, the college has a vision to select and send people into the unreached people groups that exist in India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and other countries in the area.

NCRS has around 400 children from the ages of 4 to 16, of which 120-140 are residential.

The ministry also supports many church leaders, workers and evangelists in Assam and has a plan to build a local training centre to help train and equip people who cannot afford to come to the Bible College.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa.As a church, together with some staff and parents of Catherine Wayte School, and friends from other parts of England, we sponsor some children at The Pastor Joany Bazemo Evangelical School in Doudou village.

We also help pay school fees for some children from Fada, the fourth largest town in Burkina Faso. Our aim is to fight against illiteracy, provide Education & Hope for children living in one of the poorest countries of the world and prevent children going in search of work and being exploited. In Doudou, some children have been given animals, such as goats and chickens. This project teaches them responsibility, improves their diet, and generates a source of income for the family.